Additional Anti-Fraud Resources

National Insurance Grime Bureau – The Hanover has partnered with the National Insurance Crime Bureau ("NICB") to fight insurance fraud. NICB is a not-for-profit organization that receives support from The Hanover and over 1,000 other property/casualty insurance companies. The main purpose of this partnership is to provide a resource to our shareholders, customers and employees in the fight against insurance fraud and to provide a communication forum on the issue.

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud – The Hanover is an active member of The National Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. The Coalition is one of America's most trusted and credible organization engaged in the fighting of insurance fraud. The organization is made up of Insurers and Public Advocate members committed to the fight against insurance fraud. Together, The Hanover and the other members of the organization are working to control everyone's insurance costs, protect the public safety, and communicate the impact of insurance fraud on our industry.

New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud – The Hanover is an active member of The New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud (NYAAIF). The Alliance was founded in 1999 to assist insurers with complying with New York State Regulation 95, which requires insurance companies to sponsor public awareness programs on insurance fraud. The Alliance is the leading advertiser in the state of New York on the effects and potential solutions to the crime of insurance fraud. This web site provides information for insurers and customers alike on identifying and avoiding fraud.

Insurance Fraud Bureau – The Hanover has maintained an active role in the The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts. We currently Chair this organization, which is a unique and multifaceted investigative agency dedicated to the systematic elimination of fraudulent insurance transactions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the home state of The Hanover. Authorized by an Act of the Massachusetts Legislature and signed into law in 1990, the Insurance Fraud Bureau conducts criminal investigations and refers appropriate cases for criminal prosecution.