Auto Claims Frequently Asked Questions

Accidents Happen

We understand that an automobile accident causes disruption and adds stress to your daily life. Getting you back on the road and ensuring your claims experience goes smoothly is our top priority.

We want to help you understand the claims process and what to expect if you should ever find yourself in need of our services. We have simplified our claims process and will begin working on your loss the moment you notify us.

Who should I call if I have a question about my claim?

If you have general claims questions or would like to file a claim over the phone, our claims department will be happy to assist you at 800-628-0250. Once you have filed a claim, an adjuster will be assigned - they will now be your main point of contact, responsible for taking care of you, and handling the details of your claim through its closure.

When will I be contacted by my adjuster?

You can expect to hear from your adjuster within one business day after your claim is submitted. They will explain your available coverage and guide you through the resolution of your claim, swiftly and fairly.

What can I expect when my adjuster contacts me?

When your adjuster contacts you, they will:

  • Ask you for a statement, to obtain the details of the accident from your perspective
  • Review the coverages available to you under your policy
  • Explain the damage estimate process to you and provide options so that you may make an informed choice about where to have your vehicle appraised and repaired.

How is fault determined?

Your adjuster will complete a detailed investigation where they will review all the facts that will guide the determination of fault.

How will I know if I am responsible for paying a deductible?

After your adjuster completes their thorough investigation of the accident, they will advise you whether or not a deductible will apply. If a deductible applies, you will be responsible for paying that amount directly to your repair shop.

I received a check for my claim, however there was a lienholder name printed on it – why?

Since the lien holder has a financial interest in your vehicle, we must include them as a payee on the check. Contact your lien holder to find out how to get their endorsement on the check so you can deposit or cash it.

Will the cost of my insurance be affected by an accident?

Your premiums might be affected if you are determined to have some fault in causing an accident. Questions about your insurance premiums should always be directed to your agent.

What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

Promptly notify your local police and report the loss online or by contacting us at 800.628.0250.

What are the available options regarding appraisal and repair of my vehicle’s damage?

The choice is yours, your adjuster will explain the available options and help you choose the one that is most convenient for you.

  • Appraisal/ Repair Choices:
    • Hanover Express Claim Auto Repair Shops – Your adjuster can help locate a participating shop or you may go to the Hanover Express Claims Repair Shops and search our directory for a location near you.
  • There are several benefits to utilizing one of our Express Claims Shops:
    • Shops provide warranties for their workmanship, provide shuttle services (at participating locations), and assistance in obtaining a rental vehicles Drive-Ins (MA Only) – If your vehicle is drivable you may have it appraised at a drive-in facility. Your agent or adjuster can advise you of the convenient locations and hours of operation.
    • Desk Review – Please ask your adjuster if this option is available, as we may be able to accept an estimate for your damages.
    • Field Inspection – A licensed appraiser can be assigned, based on availability, to inspect your vehicle at home or work, Monday-Friday between 8:30-4pm.
    • Additional Damage Appraisal – “supplement” – There are times when repair work begins on your vehicle and the repairer may find hidden damage. The repair shop will contact the appraiser to confirm the damage is loss related and a supplemental appraisal will be completed for the additional damage.

Please note: an appraisal is not an authorization for repairs, or a guarantee of payment. You should discuss payment and coverage with you handling adjuster.

How should I choose a repair shop?

You have many options in choosing a repair shop. If you don’t know where to go, it can seem overwhelming. We have taken the hassle out of finding a quality repair shop and offer the Hanover Express Claims Auto Repair Program which offers a network of repair shops that offer enhanced services to quickly get you back on the road after an accident. The program provides:

  • Conveniently located repair shops
  • Prompt service and scheduling of repairs
  • Speedy completion of repairs
  • Professionally trained repair specialists who ensure the job is done right the first time
  • Convenient rental car pick up and drop off arrangements at the repair shop
  • Less paperwork for you - direct billing and payment from Hanover
  • A lifetime warranty guaranteeing repairs for as long you own the vehicle
Access the Hanover Express Claims Repair Shops.

If you choose to use a repair shop that is not part of the Hanover Express Claims Auto Repair Program, here are a couple of pointers to assist you:

  • Your adjuster will guide you on obtaining an appraisal from Hanover so you can take it to the shop of your choice. Once agreement has been reached between you, your shop, and the Hanover on repairs and cost, you may authorize the work to begin.
  • Hanover will pay you directly (and the appropriate lienholder if applicable) for the repair unless you choose to sign “Direction to Pay” to the shop. This will authorize us to pay the shop directly.

What should I do if I have a problem with the repairs made to my vehicle?

If you had your vehicle repaired at a Hanover Express Claims Auto Repair Shop, simply contact your adjuster and they will review the shop’s warranty with you. If your repairs were completed by a shop other than a Hanover Express Claims Auto Repair Shop, please contact the repair facility directly.

What does a “total loss” mean?

A vehicle is considered to be a total loss when the appraised cost of repairs meets or exceeds the pre-accident value of the vehicle. Your settlement for the total loss of your vehicle will be based on the actual cash value of the vehicle. In making a total loss determination, state mandated total loss thresholds, manufacturer guidelines and safety concerns will be considered.

What happens if my vehicle is classified as a total loss?

If your vehicle is deemed to be a total loss:

  • Your claim will be handled by a Total Loss expert within our claims department.
  • You will need to provide a release to the tow yard or body shop, remove all of your personal belongings (including the license plates) from your vehicle, and leave the keys in the vehicle.
  • We will have our towing vendor pick up the vehicle and move it to a Hanover storage facility.
  • We will pay for reasonable charges associated with towing, storage, and other loss related activities.

Can I temporarily rent a vehicle while mine is being repaired?

Yes if you have rental coverage on your policy. It is important to be aware of your daily/policy limits – if you select a rental car that costs more than your policy provides for, you may be responsible for the difference. Your adjuster will discuss your rental coverage if available, including the amount of the rental that will be covered based upon your damage estimate.

If I rent a car, will Hanover direct bill the rental car company?

After coverage is determined on the claim, we may authorize a direct bill with the rental company of your choice.

For your convenience, Hanover has established a preferred status with Enterprise Rent-A-Car (800.261.7331). Though you can choose any rental company of your choice, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will offer you preferred rates and pick-up services.

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