Regarding Your Workers' Compensation Claim Contact


Workers’ Compensation Claims Service Teams

Access each state's Workers' Compensation Website

For information on medical provider panels, e-mail

Workers' Compensation Provider Networks

All States (excluding California and Michigan)

Access the Provider Lookup tool on, on the PPO Lookup menu.

Choose ‘SEARCH’ under ‘Find a Provider’

For a Texas HCN Provider, select Texas CorCare Certified Network.

For all other Texas Providers, select Workers’ Compensation.

For all other states, select Workers’ Compensation.

For all searches, enter demographics and search criteria and choose a Specialty. (Do not also select a Service type, as it will limit your search results significantly.)

To create a work site posting or panel:

Choose tab marked "Provider Lookup"

Choose "Online Directory and Panel Services"

Enter Login name "Hanover" (case sensitive)

Enter Password "HnOvr2013" (case sensitive)

Choose "Create A Provider Panel"

Select the following network:

TX: Texas CorCare Certified Network

All other states: Workers' Compensation

Follow instructions for creating a panel.

California Only

You can access a regional list of all MPN providers in your area by using the Provider Lookup tool on CorVel also offers a Medical Access Assistant for help with your provider search at phone number 1-855-857-7556.

Go to “Online Directory and Panel Services” and type the login, HanoverMPN, then press Enter.

At the Welcome screen, choose “Find providers near you.”

Select the Hanover MPN as the network, then add the required information

  • Maximum Distance
  • City
  • Zip
  • Specialty

Then choose “Find providers that meet the search criteria” bar.

Michigan Only

To find providers in Michigan, go to

Under Find a Provider, click on  →Cofinity

Choose a location using one of the various options

Choose an insurance type – select Workers’ Compensation

Optional – you may narrow your search using one of the other fields

Select the blue Search box