Hanover's Fraud Awareness

The policy of The Hanover is to provide its products and services to individuals, families and businesses to meet their insurance needs and to pay claims for any legitimate loss from the coverage provided.

The various areas of insurance offer a wide variety of opportunity for abuse. Staged car accidents, orchestrated slip and fall claims, rate evasion to save premium, false worker's compensation claims and fabricated burglaries all have one common element. They are fraud, plain and simple.

The Hanover recognizes the role that it serves in the fight to control the rising cost of insurance and controlling fraud is a main element of that fight.

The Hanover endeavors to detect and prevent insurance fraud through a systematic program of identification, investigation, resolution and prosecution of those abuses. The Hanover further commits to cooperate with the various entities that are also committed to fighting fraud, such as state fraud bureaus, law enforcement and any localized anti fraud program.

When abuse is identified in the process it is the position of The Hanover to resist and defend those cases through the policies that we have established.