Property Claims Frequently Asked Questions

Accidents Happen

We understand that an property loss causes disruption and adds stress to your daily life. Ensuring your claims experience goes smoothly is our top priority. We want to help you understand the claims process and what to expect if you should ever find yourself in need of our services.

We have simplified our claims process and will begin working on your loss the moment you notify us.

How will my claim be settled?

Once you have filed a claim, an adjuster will be assigned who will manage the details and guide you through the claim process. As part of that process, you will receive a copy of an estimate and a statement of your loss. This statement will explain your replacement cost benefits and guide you with how to recover any amount that may be available. Once your claim has been settled, any payments due will be sent to you in the mail by check, with the details of the amount outlined on the last page of your estimate.

Will my Mortgage Company be listed on my settlement check?

If there is a mortgage or lien on the property, the mortgage company or lien holder may be listed on any settlement checks. If the mortgage company or lien holder is listed on your payment, you will need to contact your mortgage company or lien holder to discuss what their procedures are for processing insurance claim settlements.

What is Recoverable Depreciation?

Depreciation is defined as a decrease in value of any property due to wear, tear, and/or time. In some cases, depreciation may be listed on an estimate as "recoverable depreciation". Recoverable depreciation means a provision may be made for you to collect the depreciated value after the completion of the repair. If this is the case, simply forward the final bill/invoice/proof of payment from the repairer to your adjuster, who will review any additional allowances due based on the actual expenses incurred. (NOTE: A re-inspection may be required of completed repairs)

What do I do if my contractor finds additional damage?

If additional damages are found, it is important you contact your adjuster as soon as possible. Your adjuster may ask you to forward a copy of the estimate from your contractor that reflects these additional discovered damages. It is important to note that any supplemental payments will only be made upon review and prior approval.

One of my trees fell during a storm. Do I have coverage to remove the tree?

Yes, if a tree(s) damages your home or garage (or other ‘covered structure’), your homeowners policy covers you up to $500 to remove the tree(s) once it has been lifted off the structure, regardless of the number of fallen trees. The cost to cut and/or lift a fallen tree off of the “covered structure” and drop it to the ground will be calculated as part of the cost to repair that structure and will not be subject to the $500 limit. However, there is no coverage for trees that are leaning or for trees that fall onto plants or lawns. Tree removal coverage only applies if the tree damages a “covered structure”.

My tree fell on my neighbor’s property during a windstorm - how is that covered?

Your neighbor should contact their homeowner or auto insurer immediately about the damage. If your neighbor is demanding you pay for the damage or if their insurance carrier has contacted you regarding the damage to their property please report a claim to us or your local agent as soon as possible. Admitting liability or volunteering to make payment to your neighbor or any other party may jeopardize the availability of liability coverage.

What happens if my power goes out and my food spoils? Do I have coverage?

Yes, if the power interruption is caused by damage that happened to your premises. Your basic homeowner policy does not provide food spoilage coverage in the event of a widespread power outage, however Hanover has an endorsement that you can add to your policy that provides a limited amount of coverage, subject to a special deductible, for spoilage caused by an off-premises power outage or by mechanical failure of the freezer or refrigerator. Your Agent can assist you and answer any additional questions about this coverage.

What if my carpet is damaged?

We partner with specialists and third party vendors for their expertise in assessing ‘like kind and quality’ to ensure your replacement materials matches the same standards of the materials you have built your home with. If your claim involves the replacement of carpet, we may utilize the services of a third party vendor to recommend a like kind & quality replacement. Our estimate will detail the results of their recommendation, however if you receive a different estimate than the one provided by the third-party, please retain a 12”x12” sample of the replacement carpet you have selected and we will have that carpet evaluated.

My roof leaked during a storm. There is a stain on my ceiling and my couch is wet. Is that covered?

Depending on the cause and age of the leak, there may be coverage for the interior stains on the ceiling. However, there would be no coverage for any personal property contained in the building unless the storm first caused an actual opening in the roof or wall and the precipitation entered through that opening causing direct damage to the personal property.

There is a hole in my roof and rain is expected tomorrow, what can I do?

To help prevent damage, we recommend you make any necessary ‘emergency repairs’, such as installing an emergency tarp. Be sure to save all receipts and records of the repair for your adjuster. If possible, take photos of the damage before proceeding with any temporary repairs so the adjuster can have documentation of the original damage. Your Hanover adjuster will make note of the damages, and detail in their report of what is covered under your policy provisions.

Hail has damaged my roof, how much of the roof will be replaced due to the damage?

You may see some granules from your shingles after a hail storm; this is a common occurrence with hail. Fortunately Roofing and engineering experts agree that in most cases, loss of granules is consistent with the roof performing as designed and that the life expectancy of the roof will not be compromised by such an event.

If there is visible damage, methods of repair can range from the replacement of damaged roof parts and individual shingles to the replacement of a damaged slope. An inspection of the roof will be required on all reported hail damage claims so we can determine whether there has been any covered damage to the roof and, if so, what method of repair may be necessary.

My house was flooded. Does my homeowners policy cover the damage?

A standard homeowners policy does not cover flood* damage. If you are in a flood zone, we recommend you discuss your need for flood coverage with your agent.

*The standard homeowner policy provides no coverage for flood, surface water, waves, tidal water, overflow of a body of water, or spray from any of these, whether or not the water is driven by wind. There is no coverage for ground water seepage or leaking, nor is there coverage for water that backs up through sewers, sumps or drains. It is important to note that coverage for loss caused by those perils is excluded even if another peril also causes or contributes to the loss.

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