Reporting Insurance Fraud

The policy of The Hanover is to provide its products and services to individuals, families and businesses to meet their insurance needs and to pay claims for any legitimate loss from the coverage provided.

Fraud Hot Line: 800-799-6980

Insurance fraud, whether it is a staged accident, a property loss scheme, slip and fall or a rate evasion scam, are all criminal acts. The Hanover maintains a fraud hot line number at 800-799-6980 to enable any person to report any insurance fraud activities anonymously. A key element in combating insurance fraud is to report any insurance fraud activity to The Hanover at our toll free number.

The Hanover works with our agency partners, our insureds, shareholders and the general public to identify and fight insurance fraud. It is our goal and mission to fight fraud with our strategic partners and a key element in the process is reporting fraud. Individuals may report any type of fraud, whether it is with Hanover or another carrier and our dedicated SIU staff will handle the information in an effective and confidential manner.

Many states also have fraud bureaus that have hot line numbers and they can be found on the internet.